Okuzumi Lab @ Tokyo Tech

A Planet Formation Group at EPS Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology

東京工業大学 地球惑星科学系  奥住研究室


Okuzumi Lab @ Tokyo Tech is a research group studying planet formation. We are particularly interested in the (astro)physical processes governing planet formation and the evolution of protoplanetary disks. We mainly work on theoretical modeling and computer simulations but also actively collaborate with observers and cosmochemists. 

The group is led by Satoshi Okuzumi (奥住 聡) and is based at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (地球惑星科学系), Tokyo Institute of Technology (東京工業大学).

Research Interests

Planet Formation

We now know that super-Earths are common in the galaxy. How do they form? Are they really similar to our own Earth? 

Protoplanetary Disks

Planets form in dusty gas disks around young stars. What physics drives the disks' evolution? How is water/ice transported in the disks?

Dust Physics

Planets form from dust!  How do dust grains stick together? How do they control the dynamics and evolution of protoplanetary disks?